Incident tracking and chat collaboration

Incidents are automatically created and you can track real-time incident status, incident history and collaborate through chat with your own team and Schneider Electric experts for quick resolution of an incident.

Live and historical sensor data

Get an overview of your sensor data, and the freedom to dig deeper and view historical data on all your Premium connected devices.

24/7 expert monitoring

With StruxureOn Premium you get 24/7 monitoring of your data center where experts respond to real time alarms and make sure you have no unnecessary interruptions.

What is Premium?

Upgrade your devices to Premium for 24/7 expert monitoring of your critical devices, more insights, and incident tracking. Premium is a paid service that you can combine with your Standard subscription. You can upgrade per device through the app.

You’ll get:

  • 24/7 expert monitoring of your data center
    The Schneider Electric Service Bureau will remotely monitor all connected physical infrastructure devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling remote trouble shooting for quick resolution of critical incidents.
  • Incident tracking
    Incidents are automatically created and tracked, providing easy access to real-time incident status, incident history and chat history.
  • Real-time notifications on your smartphone
    The StruxureOn app gives you an instant overview of your sensor data and alarms.
  • Chat collaboration on incidents
    Collaborate through chat with Schneider Electric experts for a quick resolution of a problem.
  • Proactive service dispatch
    Physical infrastructure threats can be anticipated, identified, and resolved quickly and accurately with onsite support dispatch if required.
  • StruxureOn report
    The personalized report provides insight into connected devices, coupled with expert recommendations on how to improve device utilization and lifecycle.

Note: The Premium digital service will not be charged if an asset is already covered by an Advantage Prime or an Advantage Ultra contract.

How do I upgrade devices to Premium?

Before you can upgrade to Premium you need to have the Standard version of Struxureon. You can get Standard here.

In the app, click the crown icon in the top right corner and follow the instructions to upgrade the device. Upgrade one or multiple devices at a time. Once you complete the upgrade process, your Premium service will begin immediately.
Please note that Premium is charged per device and will be invoiced to you by Schneider Electric based on today’s exchange rate in your local currency.


StruxureOn Premium subscription is available for a year and can subsequently be renewed.

The address you enter during the upgrade will be used for invoices if applicable and you can change the billing address if needed at any point.

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